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Handouts to Download and Print


OneLegacy's Aftercare team offers the following resources to assist donor families on their grief journey. All documents are in PDF format.


Sample Letters To Donor Families

Sample Letter A

Sample Letter B

Sample Letter C


Child & Teen Grief

Child Speak for Death and Mourning Rituals

Cómo Hablar con los Niños Sobre la Muerte y los Rituales de Luto


Sesame Street: When Families Grieve

Sesame Street: Elmo Loves Me Coloring Page


Grieving Kids & Teens: Do’s and Don’ts

Niños y Adolescentes Dolientes: Qué Hacer y Qué Evitar


Normal Grief Reactions: Kids & Teens

Las Reacciones Normales del Duelo: Niños y Adolescentes


Disciplining the Grieving Child (ages 7+)

Helping Children Cope With Grief

My Grief Rights: Ten Healing Rights for Grieving Children



Adult Grief


Surviving the Holidays

Sobreviviendo los días festivos


Exploring Your Own Grief – Individual Meeting


Letter to Me

Carta Dirijida a Mí


Potential Symptoms of Grief

Manifestaciones Potenciales del Duelo


Is Donation Right for My Family?

The Journey Through Grief: The Mourner's Six "Reconciliation Needs"

My Grief Rights: Ten Healing Rights for Grieving Children


Books About Grief and Loss


24-Hour Organ/Tissue Donor Referral Line - (800) 338 6112