Early referrals and conscientious care of patients by hospitals allow OneLegacy staff to quickly evaluate the patient’s ability to become an organ donor. Hospital and OneLegacy staff work together to provide emotional support to a family facing the loss of a loved one and guide them sensitively through end of life decisions, including the opportunity to donate.


In addition to calling OneLegacy in the event a patient has suffered a major neurological injury and thus may be in a position to donate organs after death, hospitals also call OneLegacy within one hour after any death in order to preserve the opportunity for a family to donate tissue.


Hospital professionals are encouraged to use our Resource Library to support of the donation process at their facilities.




Dana Castleberry
Manager, Donation Development, South Region



Eileen Spallino
Manager, Donation Development, East Region



Samantha Watson
Manager, Donation Development, North Region




Representatives of award-winning hospitals
at the 2009 National Learning Congress

24-Hour Organ/Tissue Donor Referral Line - (800) 338 6112