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OneLegacy Simulation Center

Now more than ever, increasing the number of organs transplanted relies on quality donor management. This can be best achieved through repeated practice in a simulated clinical setting. Hands-on patient simulation improves acquired psychomotor skills and strengthens critical decision making, preparing individuals and teams for a wide variety of clinical challenges in real organ donor management or patient care settings.

The OneLegacy Simulation Center offers the world's most realistic simulator training in a professional but non-threatening ICU environment. Guided by a problem-oriented, evidence-based approach, participants repeat high-risk, demanding donor management scenarios to improve their response to clinical crisis situations.

Through clinical training in organ donor management - including medication, fluid and ventilator management - the OneLegacy Simulation Center develops your clinical team's critical thinking skills to stabilize patients effectively, reduce mistakes, and yield more organs transplanted per donor.


For a customized training program,
please contact the OneLegacy Donation Science Research and Education department:

24-Hour Organ/Tissue Donor Referral Line - (800) 338 6112